Continuous Testing 2.0 is here

I am happy to announce the immediate availability of Continuous Testing 2.0 for Visual Studio 2010 and 2008.

From now on, Continuous Testing for Visual Studio will be available in two flavors: A full-featured Professional version and a free version staying more or less as it is today.

Continuous Testing 2.0 Buy Professional Download for VS2010 Download for VS 2008

The new Professional version features a number of improvements over the free version:

  • Smart Test Run Prioritization records the outcome of each of your tests, and orders the next test runs to minimize your wait for feedback even further. Smart Test Run Prioritization will run your tests in order of most recently failing and most often failing. This provides a significant speed-up for larger projects.
  • Abort on first failing test: You can choose to have Continuous Testing abort as soon as a test fails. This is useful for freeing up resources acquired by the test run as soon as feedback is available. This is another must-have feature in real world software development on large projects.
  • Priority support: Send an e-mail and get a response within 24 hours.

The combined features of Continous Testing Professional make for a very powerful and efficient TDD workflow.

Ensuring the last failing test runs first and aborting as soon as a test fails enables you to do as much as possible of what you are supposed to do: Write code.

The free version will continue to stay free with at least the current features. Here are the most notable new features of the free version:

  • A new integrated version of the test runners for MSTest and NUnit speeds up test runs. The executable test runners are still available. If you experience problems with running your tests using the integrated runners, try running your tests using the executable test runners instead.
  • Continuous Testing can be told to ignore specific projects when scanning for tests. This is useful if you are working on a solution with many test projects, and only want to run some of those projects.
  • Continuous Testing now has its own Output Window pane. Watch this pane to see what Continuous Testing is doing.

In addition, many improvements and bug fixes have made it into the release, ensuring a more stable and productive experience than before.

Happy testing and TDD-ing!